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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my Nest products when I move?

Follow these helpful steps to ensure you properly install or transfer all your Nest products during your move. If your new location doesn’t have any smart devices, has a different brand of smart device, or doesn’t have as many Nest devices as you’d like, you may want to transfer some (or all) of your old Nest products over.

What happens if I remove myself from the Nest Home app?

Exceptions: Google Nest Wifi, Google Wifi, Assistant-enabled speakers and displays, and Chromecast devices will still be available to other home members even if you remove yourself from the home. You’ll no longer have access to Nest Aware features, including video history.

Can I Move my Nest thermostat to a new home?

If you moved to a new home and you decided to keep the old house, you may be able to take your Nest Thermostat with you to your new home. The safe bet here is to make sure that you do so long before you placed your old house on the market or else your Nest Thermostat would end up as a necessary fixture in the house.

What happens if I remove a member from my nest account?

You’ll no longer have access to the home and the devices and services associated with that home. Other members will continue to have access to the home. Other members will no longer have access to the devices or services you set up, including Nest thermostats, alarms, locks, or cameras.

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