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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you consider moving to New Zealand?

Top 10 Reasons to Move to New Zealand Spectacular Scenery. New Zealand's dramatic landscape is renowned the world over. ... Rich Culture. New Zealand's fascinating indigenous culture has undergone a strong resurgence in the last fifty years as the government has sought to redress the social imbalance of colonial ... Outdoors Lifestyle. ... Room to Breathe. ... Plenty of Jobs for Skilled Expats. ... Weather. ... More items...

Why do we moved to New Zealand?

While people used to joke that New Zealand was one of the only places on earth where people are outnumbered by sheep, this enviable population density is one of the best reasons to move to New Zealand. 5. Plenty of Jobs for Skilled Expats

Why to move to New Zealand?

One of the most popular reasons for moving and living in New Zealand is reunion. When you have family that stays in New Zealand and he or she is eligible to sponsor immigrants to New Zealand, then you should get to NZ and reunite with family. New Zealand supports family reunions.

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