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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Mr Beast just set a world record with Christmas lights?

Mr. Beast just set a world record with Christmas lights. The YouTube sensation decided to spread some holiday cheer and pass on a huge prize to some fans. Beast purchased three houses and a million Christmas lights for this contest. The person who did the best job designing their house got to keep it and the entire drama was wild to see.

What is Mr Beast's new channel?

Mr Beast also recently launched a new channel named "Mr Beast Gaming" where the YouTube streamer often plays games like Minecraft and Among Us, and often gives away prizes to those he plays with. Recently, Mr Beast also held a huge challenge in which he invited 100 random players to create the best farm in Minecraft with a grand prize of $50,000.

What does Mr Beast do for charity?

Aside from the Twitter giveaway, Mr Beast has made substantial philanthropic contributions such as opening a restaurant chain that is giving away free meals, and several other giveaways including giving $1,000,000 to random people in a recent YouTube video.

Will Mr Beast’s tweet become the most retweeted post ever?

Since Mr Beast posted the tweet only yesterday, it is possible the post moves up several spots and has a chance to become the most retweeted post, which is currently held by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa with 4.3 million retweets. While Mr Beast may break the retweet record, the post is much more about helping people during the holiday time.

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