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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mr Beast Play Roblox?

Mrbeast is one of the millions playing creating and exploring the endless possibilities of roblox. This feature is not available right now. Making mrbeast a roblox account.

Does MrBeast have a Roblox account?

Karl owns a MrBeast group on the game Roblox. Karl stated he is on the asexual spectrum, but not fully asexual. He is 5'11" (181 centimeters) tall. Karl has red-green colorblindness.

How many subscribers does Mr Beast have?

He is currently at 8.9 million subscribers and 1 billion video views. He also has a second channel called "Mr.Beast" (the difference being a period after "Mr") where he posts Fortnite moments and gameplay footage. The channel currently has 210,000 subscribers.

What is Mr Beast discord?

The MrBeast Gaming Discord server is an official Discord server from MrBeast and his crew. In this server, there are only announcements, information, and voice channels that are only accessible when MrBeast and the crew are recording for a video on the MrBeast Gaming channel (a chat room doesn't exist because of the immense popularity of the Discord server).

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