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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mr. Cooper mortgage phone number still the same?

Mr. Cooper P.O. Box 619098 Dallas, TX 75261 Phone: (888) 480-2432 Web: For Champion Mortgage customers: Mail: Notice of Error, Complaint, Request for Information or other Qualified Written Request. Champion Mortgage P.O. Box 612877 Dallas, TX 75261 Phone: (855) 683-3095 Web: Property Sales

What number is Mr Cooper?

Mr Cooper Group. Number of employees. 9,100 (2019) Website. mrcooper .com. Mr. Cooper, formerly Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in the Dallas, Texas, area. Nationstar Holdings consists of Nationstar Mortgage, which provides servicing and originations for homeowners throughout the United States, and ...

Is Mr Cooper a mortgage company?

The Mr. Cooper mortgage holders who relied on the mobile app for managing their mortgage can expect an even better experience with the app update. Like before, users can make payments with a simple swipe, track their FICO score, and keep track of important mortgage documents.

What bank does Mr Cooper use?

What bank is Mr. Cooper? Mr. Cooper is a nonbank mortgage lender. The company is a registered service mark of Nationstar Mortgage, LLC. Does Mr. Cooper have a prepayment penalty?

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