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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Mr Cooper issue $90 million in refunds?

Mr. Cooper to issue $90 million to former customers. The refunds are to settle a lawsuit alleging the nonbank lender committed illegal foreclosures. The nation’s largest nonbank servicer of mortgage loans will pay a civil penalty of more than $6.5 million.

How much did Mr Cooper pay to settle lawsuit?

Mr. Cooper, the nation’s largest nonbank servicer of mortgage loans, will refund customers nearly $90 million and pay a civil penalty of more than $6.5 million to settle a lawsuit claiming it violated the rights of over 115,000 customers, some of whom it had illegally foreclosed on.

Who is the Chief Digital Officer of Mr Cooper group?

Neenu Kainth serves as Chief Digital Officer for Mr. Cooper Group and is responsible for the development of the company’s customer experience roadmap as well as product and digital offerings including the customer-facing voice, website and mobile applications.

Why choose a Mr Cooper loan officer?

speaking with a Mr. Cooper loan officer. “As a current customer of Mr. Cooper, the mortgage application process for a loan on a new property was simple and straight-forward. Would highly recommend Mr. Cooper to potential mortgage shoppers.”

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