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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Mr Cooper issue $90 million in refunds?

Mr. Cooper to issue $90 million to former customers. The refunds are to settle a lawsuit alleging the nonbank lender committed illegal foreclosures. The nation’s largest nonbank servicer of mortgage loans will pay a civil penalty of more than $6.5 million.

How do I contact Mr Cooper mortgage?

If you have a question about your mortgage: For Mr. Cooper customers: Mail: Notice of Error, Complaint, Request for Information or other Qualified Written Request. Mr. Cooper P.O. Box 619098 Dallas, TX 75261 Phone: (888) 480-2432 Web: For Champion Mortgage customers:

How do I contact Mr Cooper for loss mitigation?

Via fax at 972-459-1611 or email at [email protected] Pursuant to federal law, if a borrower is represented by counsel in a bankruptcy proceeding, we are not permitted to discuss loss mitigation options with the borrower directly without written authorization from the attorney.

Why choose a Mr Cooper loan officer?

speaking with a Mr. Cooper loan officer. “As a current customer of Mr. Cooper, the mortgage application process for a loan on a new property was simple and straight-forward. Would highly recommend Mr. Cooper to potential mortgage shoppers.”

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