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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mr Cooper in New Jersey?

In August 2017, Nationstar Mortgage, one of the country’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders, announced that they were changing their name to ‘ Mr. Cooper ’ as part of a major rebranding effort. Nationstar/Mr. Cooper is normally a mortgage Servicer and seeks foreclosures in New Jersey on behalf of the companies that actually own the loans.

How do I contact Mr Cooper mortgage?

If you have a question about your mortgage: For Mr. Cooper customers: Mail: Notice of Error, Complaint, Request for Information or other Qualified Written Request. Mr. Cooper P.O. Box 619098 Dallas, TX 75261 Phone: (888) 480-2432 Web: For Champion Mortgage customers:

Who is the CEO of Mr Cooper?

Christopher Marshall serves as Vice Chairman, President and Chief Financial Officer of Mr. Cooper Group. Chris joined Mr. Cooper in January 2019 from Tax Guard Inc. where he served as Executive Chairman. Previously he was with Capital Bank Financial Corp. where he served as co-founder and CFO since 2009.

Why choose Mr Cooper for your mortgage?

“As a current customer of Mr. Cooper, the mortgage application process for a loan on a new property was simple and straight-forward. Would highly recommend Mr. Cooper to potential mortgage shoppers.”

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