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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mr D Math work?

In Mr. D Math, students enter their own grades after each lesson, and quizzes are taken online and graded by the system. Huge timesaver! 2. Students can work at their own pace. Many online classes operate on a live schedule throughout the year, meaning that students have to be available at a designated class time. Not so with Mr. D Math!

What grade level is Mr D Math Algebra 1?

The Mr. D Math Algebra I curriculum is a high-school credit course suitable for grades 6-12. The online curriculum includes 12 chapters of video-based instruction (Mac and PC compatible), coursework for each section of each chapter, 12 chapter tests, 2 semester exams, and a comprehensive solutions manual.

What is Mr D Live?

The Mr. D Live team will come alongside parents and students and provide an interactive online-classroom experience that will bring ease and understanding to everyone.

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