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Frequently Asked Questions

What grade level is Mr D Math online?

Mr. D Math’s online curriculum is a thorough high school credit course suitable for grades 6 to 12. (Note: if you’re looking for NCAA credit, you’ll want to opt for the live version of the course). Students are required to complete a pre-algebra course before enrolling in this course.

Why take online classes with Mr D Live?

Even on subjects that your child hates —and you hate it even more— both of you will relax and learn as your frustrations evaporate into thin air with Mr. D Live’s easy-to-grasp video tutorials and interactive online classes.

What makes Mr D Math so good?

One great thing about Mr. D Math is the simplicity of the dashboard. With so much information, lessons and classes, it could easily become overwhelming. But it really isn’t.

Why choose mRMR D?

Mr. D has proven success raising students’ math scores on the ACT, FCAT, GED, SAT, and more! Read More Top Instructors Stop worrying about tutoring your child yourself!

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