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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mr D Math curriculum?

The Mr. D Math Curriculum allows you to bring a world-class math teacher into your home, school, or co-op while infusing life skills for teens and goal-setting as the basis for program delivery.

What grade level is Mr D Math Algebra 1?

The Mr. D Math Algebra I curriculum is a high-school credit course suitable for grades 6-12. The online curriculum includes 12 chapters of video-based instruction (Mac and PC compatible), coursework for each section of each chapter, 12 chapter tests, 2 semester exams, and a comprehensive solutions manual.

What is Mr D Live?

The Mr. D Live team will come alongside parents and students and provide an interactive online-classroom experience that will bring ease and understanding to everyone.

Why choose Mr D math tutoring?

Test Preparation Mr. D has proven success raising students’ math scores on the ACT, FCAT, GED, SAT, and more! Read More Top Instructors Stop worrying about tutoring your child yourself!

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