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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of an electric water heater?

Components of a Water Heater. Electric and gas water heaters have a number of components in common, including the drain valve, the TPR valve, an internal anode rod, dip tube and pipes and fittings for hot water and overflow/pressure relief.

What is a portable heater?

Portable heaters are essentially small, electric space heaters designed for use in cars and other vehicles. For quick window defrosting and added warmth in the car on cold winter days, a 12-volt portable car heater is the ideal option.

What is an infrared tube heater?

Infrared Tube Heaters. SunStar infrared tube heaters are ideal for complete building heat or even sport heating needs. The best applications are those where doors open and close frequently and in buildings where ceiling heights are above ten feet.

What is a heater probe?

Heater probe (Olympus Key med) – it is a contact method of thermocoagulation. The probe is placed directly on the ulcer at the site visible vessel to maximize the energy delivered to the target and minimize scatter injury. Haemostasis is achieved by a special heat-generating device built into the tip of the probe.

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