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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gas furnace better than an electric furnace?

Electric furnaces typically cost more than gas furnaces. A gas furnace will always be more affordable than an electric one. There are other considerations above and beyond just the cost. Electric furnaces do not produce flames and consequently do not generate carbon emissions.

What is Mr heater big buddy?

The Mr. Heater Big Buddy™ Heater is the rugged and ready travel companion for keeping you toasty warm at work, at play or in emergencies — great for decks, patios, cabins, RVs, sporting events, tailgating, sheds, barns and more. Wherever it is needed, the Big Buddy Heater's sturdy handle makes carrying easy.

How do you heat a furnace?

Heat distribution. In American practice, separate ducts collect cool air to be returned to the furnace. At the furnace, cool air passes into the furnace, usually through an air filter, through the blower, then through the heat exchanger of the furnace, whence it is blown throughout the building.

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