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Frequently Asked Questions

What are propane heaters used for?

Propane is widely used as a fuel source to power many household necessities, such as water heaters, laundry dryers, furnaces, stoves, and many other appliances. A space heater is simply one of many devices using LP gas.

Are propane heater fumes harmful?

Propane gas is efficient and cost-effective, but as with any energy source, potential dangers can result from improper use, transport and storage of the tanks. Propane fumes are highly flammable and hazardous when inhaled.

What is a propane space heater?

Propane Space Heaters. Propane space heaters are particularly useful for outdoor spaces where there are no nearby power sources. Examples include patios, decks, gazebos, and pool areas. Rather than have to call your outdoor time early, invest in a propane space heater to keep yourself and those around you warm.

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