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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anything happen at the 2021 Olympia?

As we now know, anything can happen at the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. Let's take a deeper look into the 2021 field and see how we think it will go down. Big Ramy was so impressive when he won the 2012 Amateur Olympia that Steve Weinberger himself predicted he had the tools to win the Olympia that year.

Can Bryan Jones land in top 5 at the 2021 Olympia classic?

Bryan Jones had a decent fifth placing at the 2021 Arnold Classic, which given its proximity to the Olympia, provides a good insight on the physique he will take to Orlando. However if he is able to make a few adjustments to properly peak this weekend, he could easily land in the top five.

How many men have won the Mr Olympia?

In the Olympia's 55-year history, only 16 men have taken home the Sandow, with five men— Lee Haney (8), Ronnie Coleman (8), Arnold Schwarzenegger (7), Phil Heath (7) and Dorian Yates (6)—capturing 36 between them. Just missing the cut is Jay Cutler with "only" 4 Mr. Olympia wins. Things have changed in the past three seasons.

Where can I see the complete weekend schedule for mrolympia?

See the complete weekend schedule at, including information on the live telecast. Lonnie Teper, an award-winning journalist and emcee, has been covering the bodybuilding, fitness and figure scene for more than 20 years.

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