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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mr Porter's latest collection?

Luxury men’s online retailer Mr Porter is now on its 13th collection, and today, it launches the latest edition (although the film’s release has been delayed to 2021 due to Covid-19). Sam Kershaw, Mr Porter Buying Director, gives an exclusive interview about the collaboration and the influence of the films’ stars.

Is Kingsman a luxury brand?

Since our launch, Kingsman has grown in depth and breadth and has become one of Mr Porter’s best-performing luxury labels, now in its 13th commercial season. Consistently, the original suiting, ties, and shoes perform particularly well.

Why is there a clothing line associated with Kingsman?

Few movies have had as much of a sartorial impact than the Kingsman films. These ultra-chic British spies embrace impeccable tailoring and artfully inspired accessories. It was only natural that a clothing line would accompany the films, as men clamored to revive classic tailoring, with a twist, of course.

Who is the costume designer for Kingsman?

Michele Clapton, costume designer, did a tremendous job in creating costumes that reflect both the story and its characters while incorporating that elegant and wearable Kingsman touch that is synonymous with the collections to date. Undoubtedly Kingsman tailoring, the iconic blueprint of the brand, returns in all its glory.

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