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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MRI safe in patients with cardiac devices?

Safe MRI in Patients With Cardiac Devices: It Takes a Team. Those devices weren't designed to tolerate MRI scans. The scans can generate currents in the devices, and those currents can induce arrhythmias. They can cause cautery to the heart muscle, and there were cases of fatalities because dangerous arrhythmias were induced in patients.

What are the risks of MRI scan?

MRI risks If appropriate safety guidelines are followed MRI scan poses almost no risk and has many benefits. Ferromagnetic objects taken near the scanner have the risk of causing "missile-effect" accidents and there have been incidences of casualties and death.

What are the health hazards of MRI scan?

What Are The Risks Of An MRI Because MRI uses low-energy, non-ionizing radio waves, there are no known risks or side effects. ... While there are no known hazards, MRI is not proven to be safe during pregnancy. ... The magnet at the center of the procedure may affect, or be affected by, any person fitted with a pacemaker, hearing aid, or other electrical device. ...

Is having a MRI safe?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is very safe and most people are able to have the procedure. But in some instances an MRI scan may not be recommended. Before having an MRI scan, you should tell medical staff if: The strong magnets used during the scan can affect any metal implants or fragments in your body.

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