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Frequently Asked Questions

How should patients be screened before entering the MRI environment?

be screened by Level II personnel before entering the MRI environment –Note: Level II personnel are the only staff able to metal screen • Level II personnel must ask questions regarding metal implants before patient is brought into the MRI room • Patient screening must be entered into radiology assessment before bringing the

What are the signs and equipment for the MRI?

MRI Signs and Equipment Hand Magnet • A hand magnet is used to test external items for MR safety • This is NOTa safe way to test implants in a patient’s body • If there is any doubt, DO NOTtake items into rooms! MRI Signs and Equipment Specialty equipment for the MRI… •Wheelchairs •Stretchers •Monitors •Oxygen tanks •IV pumps •These items are

What are the objectives of basic MRI safety course?

Basic MRI Safety Course Objectives At the end of this course the learner will: • Know the basic principles of how MRI works. • Understand MRI safety precautions and procedures. • Comprehend the differences and the roles of

What is an example of an unsafe MRI?

since MRI was introduced in the 1980’s •Examples include, but are not limited to: –Patient having an MRI Unsafe aneurysm clip in the brain, resulting in the death of the patient

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