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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any safety guidelines for MRI machines?

MRI Safety Guidelines MRI safety guidelines are established by the MRI Safety Committee and apply to all clinical and research MRI systems operated at UCSF and SFVAHCS. Safety policies and procedures are evaluated on a monthly basis by the MRI Safety Committee, and updated online for reference.

Why advanced MRI safety training for healthcare professionals?

Internationally respected, MRI safety researcher, and educator, Dr. Frank G. Shellock, developed the program, Advanced MRI Safety Training for Healthcare Professionals, Level 2 MR Personnel, which provides essential information pertaining to all critical aspects of MRI bioeffects, patient management and safety.

Where can I find MRI implant safety information?

Try the MagResource database with a 60*-Days Free Trial Test License free of charge! Being the leading implant safety website in the MR community, MagResource provides the most complete and up-to-date list of MRI implant safety information in the world.

What is the best textbook for MRI safety?

The internationally acclaimed series, REFERENCE MANUAL FOR MAGNETIC RESONANCE SAFETY, IMPLANTS AND DEVICES: 2019 EDITION, by Frank G. Shellock, Ph.D. continues to be the most indispensable MRI safety textbook for radiologists, MRI technologists, and facility managers. For more information, or to order, please visit or

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