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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy military MREs in the US?

Yes and no. Military MREs cannot be sold to the public. However, the same contractors who make MREs for the Department of Defense also make civilian MREs. These MREs are made to the same specifications as military MREs, but with a few differences.

When did the military start using MREs?

After a long period of testing and surveying, the MREs became standard issue in 1986. Read more about the military history of MREs in our article, “The History of MREs, or Meals, Ready-to-Eat.” For a long time this type of meal, and food storage, was only available to the military.

What does MRSI stand for?

The MILCON Requirements, Standardization, and Integration (MRSI) site presents Military Construction policy, regulations, standards, and designs in order to provide the facility community with the tools they need to build and maintain the Army's vast facility infrastructure. To learn about facilities standardization, please visit the COS pages.

How do I get to the MRI annex?

The MRI Annex is located in the Madigan Army Medical Center campus and can be reached by taking I-5 exit 122 and parking in the Medical Mall Purple Parking Lot or the Southwest Orange Parking Lot. The MRI Annex is located outside of the Emergency Room entrance and next to the Center Judge Advocate, Building 9040B.

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