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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose mris-14 Faridabad?

Imparting education on the basis of exemplary practices in the 21 st century, MRIS-14, Faridabad strives to preserve the tradition of excellence through holistic education and an all-encompassing curriculum.

Why choose MRIs sector 14?

The dynamic shifts in education and the growing needs of passionate young millennial craving an all encompassing learning experience have aspired us at MRIS Sector 14 to empower today’s youth with exuberance that stems from the acquiring of skill sets and potentials along with providing for exemplary academic opportunities.

Which is the MRIs campus in Gurugram?

MRIS Mohali Digital Campus MRIS Mohali MRIS 51, Gurugram Health & Hygiene Gurugram Sector 51 Mohali Mid-Day Meal MRIS Mohali MRIS 14, faridabad

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