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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Moderna (mRNA) really cost?

Moderna (MRNA) gaps up & down so much on news. As you can see from the ATR (average true range), + or - $20 moves are routine and + or - $40-$60 moves are not abnormal, from one day to the next.

How Moderna's mRNA technology helped it succeed in the pharmaceutical industry?

Moderna's mRNA technology has helped it to enter into several collaborations with large pharma/biotech companies namely Merck, AstraZeneca and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. It also has strategic alliances with some government-sponsored organizations and private foundations.

How many mRNA candidates does Pfizer have in the pipeline?

The company has 37 mRNA investigational candidates with 22 candidates in clinical development stage. Its key candidates in the mRNA pipeline include mRNA-1647, mRNA-4157, mRNA-1893 and AZD8601.

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