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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct pronunciation of Mrs?

Here's an explanation of each of the common titles: "Mr." (pronounced "mister") is used when you're addressing a man. "Ms." (pronounced "miz") is for addressing a woman. "Mrs." (pronounced "miziz") is for a married woman. "Miss" (pronounced "miss") is for an unmarried woman.

What is Mrs means?

Mrs. is defined as a title for a married or widowed woman.

Is Mrs an abbreviation for Missus?

Mrs. is an abbreviation for the word Missus, it is pronounced like the word Missus. The abbreviation Mrs. has been in use since the sixteenth century, it is a variant of the word mistress.

Is Mrs mean married?

While Mrs. does refer to a married woman, according to The Emily Post Institute, Ms. is the proper way to address a woman regardless of marital status. This term alleviates any guesswork.

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