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Frequently Asked Questions

Why MS B’s cakes?

Ms B’s CAKERY – Decadent cakes just like a home kitchen made fresh from premium quality, natural ingredients of the finest produce sourced from all over the world. Love at first bite.

Are Mrs Mrs B's gluten free recipes suitable for weddings?

Mrs B’s gluten free recipes are so delicious your gluten-eating guests will enjoy eating them as much as you do and as we only bake gluten free cakes, there is no worry of cross-contamination. Please note that we have extremely limited availability for weddings in 2021.

How long has Mrs B been in business?

Mrs. B has been in business for over 25 years and has developed an excellent reputation. She makes over 40 kinds of cheesecakes and TRADITIONAL wedding cakes.

Why are all cakes baked in order?

All cakes are baked to order to ensure freshness. While Mrs. B, herself, will continue to specialize in buttercream finished cakes, decorated with fresh flowers, she has added a new cake designer.

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