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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mrs B's Kitchen Cafe?

Alongside our catering kitchen, we also have a cafe - Mrs B's Kitchen Cafe - you can come and eat our food and watch us as we cook! We sell a simple weekday breakfast, light lunches and afternoon teas to eat in or takeaway, as well as fabulous coffee and a great atmosphere.

What is Mrs B's clearance&outlet?

As a vital part of Nebraska Furniture Mart's sprawling 80-acre campus, Mrs. B's Clearance & Outlet stands as a bold and bright center for amazing deals on furniture and mattresses, do‑it‑yourself flooring, carpeting, special purchases and sales, seasonal lines like patio furniture and outdoor cooking and more.

What happened to Ms B's?

Ms. B's moved. The new location is nice and the food was awesome. It was nice to experience a new atmosphere after so many years of service. This is a Los Angeles staple! We're only getting better, Dwayne! Glad you've always enjoyed our food. Come back again soon!

Is m and MS in Inglewood a good restaurant?

M and Ms will get you stuffed, thats what i like. They dont cheap out or get lazy and serve you small portions of food. Like i said, I like to eat, And i eat big. Place was packed and food took a hour to cook, but we were busy talking and enjoying our time in the restaurant. Staff are great. I recommend M and Ms in Inglewood.

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