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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mrs B's Kitchen Cafe?

Alongside our catering kitchen, we also have a cafe - Mrs B's Kitchen Cafe - you can come and eat our food and watch us as we cook! We sell a simple weekday breakfast, light lunches and afternoon teas to eat in or takeaway, as well as fabulous coffee and a great atmosphere.

Why buy furniture at Mrs B's?

From patio furniture to grills, all seasonal furniture is on display at Mrs. B's. There are always large sales at Mrs. B's, so be sure stop by! Easy process. Great quality. Super easy. Great prices and in stock.

What is Mrs B's clearance&outlet?

As a vital part of Nebraska Furniture Mart's sprawling 80-acre campus, Mrs. B's Clearance & Outlet stands as a bold and bright center for amazing deals on furniture and mattresses, do‑it‑yourself flooring, carpeting, special purchases and sales, seasonal lines like patio furniture and outdoor cooking and more.

Why choose Mrs B's for lunch?

We visited for Mrs B's for a takeout lunch while working from home. There was a great choice of different lunch options, smoothies and cakes. The service was excellent and very friendly - a lovely break in our working day!

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