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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mrs B's Furniture Mart in Nebraska worth it?

The atmosphere is austere, bargain basement style, but surely that was planned since all of these items are from the bigger, flashier Nebraska Furniture Mart and this is their frugal sister store. You might not find what you're looking for here, but the prices sure make it worth starting at Mrs. B's. Mrs. B's.

How do I contact Mrs B's?

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at 1 (800)359-1200, chat at, or email at [email protected] I've been to Mrs. B's plenty of times and my most recent visit was this past Sunday.

What is Mrs B's clearance&outlet?

As a vital part of Nebraska Furniture Mart's sprawling 80-acre campus, Mrs. B's Clearance & Outlet stands as a bold and bright center for amazing deals on furniture and mattresses, do‑it‑yourself flooring, carpeting, special purchases and sales, seasonal lines like patio furniture and outdoor cooking and more.

Does Mrs B's keep grills and patio furniture?

What is ironic is that we did find and purchase 7 pieces from the main showroom (across the parking lot) at full price and found much better deals. Hi Hunter! We appreciate your honest review. We do keep our grills and patio furniture at Mrs B's.

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