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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a secret recipe that will fool Mr dash?

Add a little of that drink powder to the spice blend and we have a clone that in a taste test could fool even Mr. Dash. Source: Even More Top Secret Recipes by Todd Wilbur.

Can you use Mrs Dash instead of salt in cooking?

So, if you’re wanting to reduce how much salt you consume, making and using spice blends like homemade Mrs. Dash or Old Bay is the way to go. Even the Lawry’s Seasoned Salt copycat below can be adjusted to accommodate a lower-sodium diet — just replace the sea salt with a salt substitute like Nu-Salt.

What is Dash™?

From the first taste of flavor on your favorite meal, Dash™ brings your taste buds to life! Spice things up without adding salt. With our salt-free seasoning blends, liquid marinades and seasoning mix varieties to choose from, your kitchen will never be boring again.

Do you have to buy Mrs Dash copycat seasoning?

You may have to buy it for this, but don’t despair–it’s used in other things such as donuts, cakes and in sausage seasoning! This Mrs. Dash copycat seasoning gives great flavor to your meals. If you’re looking for a low-sodium salt-free seasoning, this is for yo

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