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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the cast of Mrs Robinson?

The Broadway production opened at the Plymouth Theatre on April 4, 2002, and closed on March 2, 2003, after 380 performances. Directed by Terry Johnson, the play featured the cast of Jason Biggs as Benjamin Braddock, Alicia Silverstone as Elaine Robinson, and Kathleen Turner as Mrs. Robinson.

Who directed the Graduate 1967?

The Graduate is a 1967 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols and written by Buck Henry and Calder Willingham, based on the 1963 novel of the same name by Charles Webb, who wrote it shortly after graduating from Williams College.

What is Mrs. Robinson about?

In the movie, Mrs. Robinson is an older woman who becomes involved with Benjamin Braddock, a recent college graduate and the protagonist of The Graduate. At Ben’s welcome-home party following his college graduation, he awkwardly encounters Mrs. Robinson in his bedroom, and she later convinces him to give her a ride home.

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