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Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels does MS Pacman have?

Most arcade-style Ms. Pac-Man units have 133, 134, or 141 levels. Like any arcade game, it can get glitchy and unable to handle the speed and number of internal processes on its most intense levels.

How do you play Pac Man?

Steps Launch the game. Find the Pac-Man 256 app icon on your iOS or Android device. Decide how you want to play. You can either play a Free Game or you can use a Credit. Move Pac-Man. Pac-Man starts at the bottom of the maze. Eat Pac-dots. The maze is filled with Pac-dots for Pac-Man to eat. Avoid ghosts.

How do you play Pacman on Google?

Follow the next steps to play Google PacMan: Start your browser of choice. Go to Google’s search page. Type in ‘google pacman’ in the search box. The first result will be the Google Pacman doodle. Press ‘Click to Play’. Control PacMan with your arrow keys.

Who is Ms Pac Man?

Ms. Pac-Man is a 1982 maze arcade game developed by General Computer Corporation and published by Midway. It is the first sequel to Pac-Man (1980), and the first entry in the series to not be made by Namco.

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