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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MRSC stand for?

In its place an independent nonprofit called the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC) was created and contracted with the State's newly formed Municipal Research Council. As part of this new contract MRSC established a research library as a resource for local government public servants.

Where can I find the MRSC Rosters subcategories?

Subcategories can be viewed on the MRSC Rosters website. A list of currently subscribing local governments that have their Small Works Roster, Consultant Roster, and Vendor Roster hosted by MRSC Rosters can be found at or by contacting the MRSC Rosters Program Coordinator at 206-625-1300 ext. 120.

How do I apply to become a MRSC vendor?

Additionally, MRSC advertises on behalf of some local government for their projected needs for vendor services throughout 2021. Interested businesses may apply at any time by visiting the MRSC Rosters website at

What is the MRSC model policy for unpaid holidays?

The MRSC model policy listed below addresses the unpaid holiday requirement of RCW 1.16.050. It is designed as a comprehensive policy that Washington jurisdictions can adopt wholesale into their existing personnel policies, or use as a foundation for crafting a more individualized policy.

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