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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of person is Mrs pomp?

Like Baldi, Mrs. Pomp usually has a calm, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky mood at first as she hops around the school cheerfully. Despite this, she has a much disturbingly negative side, releasing her rage when her instructions are not followed, by stomping around, screaming and berating violently over her students' tardiness.

How does Mrs pomp open doors?

Mrs. Pomp can open any locked standard door that she contacts with, so it can be used to escape the location if the door is locked by NPCs including Mrs. Pomp herself. Other characters just pass through the locked door and do not open it.

Who is Mrs pomp in Baldi's basics?

Mrs. Pomp has a number of unused dialogue files, where she was originally intended to randomly give the player more time to join her classroom. She is the second female canon character in the Baldi's Basics series. The first female canon character is Playtime. She has less hair on the right side of her head, than on the left side.

How do you get Mrs pomp to go to the Mystery Room?

Even if Baldi heads to the classroom where the buzzing noise occurs, he will immediately change the direction to Mrs. Pomp's classroom once she makes a noise unless he sees the player. If the player is late for Mrs. Pomp's class and they hide in the mystery room, Mrs. Pomp will go to the mystery room.

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