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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mrspp stand for?

Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) - Application of the Military Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol (MRSPP) to Munitions Response Sites (MRS) on Active Installations (12 September 2007). DA. Army Policy for Application of the Military Munitions Response Iste Prioritization Protocol (MRSPP) - Corrected Copy (20 February 2009).

What is the MMRP program?

The MMRP program prioritizes sites for cleanup based on risk to human health and the environment. The Army maintains an inventory of its munitions response sites and assigns a relative priority to each.

What does Mrs stand for?

This guidance was developed as a tool to assist site managers and regulators in evaluating explosive safety hazards to people at munitions response sites (MRS) consistent with the (CERCLA) - the federal law governing the cleanup of contaminated sites. USEPA. Handbook on Management of Munitions Response Actions (Interim Final) (May 2005).

Where can I find more information on MMRP?

Additional information can be found on MMRP in the Defense Environmental Programs Annual Report to Congress (DEP ARC). Current and previous DEP ARC documents are located on the DoD Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX) website.

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