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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MSN Money?

MSN Money: Finance simplified. Know more about your money with the world’s best financial news and data. Grow your finances with handy tools and calculators, any time and anywhere.

Do you control quotes on MSN Money or ft?

I do not control quotes on MSN Money or, so don't blame me if a security isn't supported or has inconsistent/wrong quotes between the two!

What's wrong with the MSN Money app?

It seems like it is a web front to the msn money website. The articles and analysis is good. There are limited ads on the app. The main issue is that it crashes from time to time and freezes without any explanation.

What is msmoneyquotes used for?

General Usage. MSMoneyQuotes can be used to import quotes from This is useful if you have securities in your Money file that MSN Money doesn't recognize/support. You can setup a Portfolio on and then manually download quotes for those securites into a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

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