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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Montana Standard?

The Montana Standard is the No. 1 source for trusted news and advertising in Butte and southwest Montana, reaching more than 84 percent of the market. The Montana Standard uses social media to share local, statewide and national news. This site also serves as an open forum for public interaction with …

What are the newspapers in Butte Montana?

Butte has one local daily, a weekly paper, as well as several papers from around the state of Montana. The Montana Standard is Butte's daily paper. It was founded in 1928 and is the result of The Butte Miner and the Anaconda Standard merging into one daily paper. The Standard is owned by Lee Enterprises.

How do I get to Butte Montana?

Butte can be accessed via Interstate 15 from north–south, and Interstate 90 from east–west; the two intersect in Butte, making Butte and Billings the only cities in Montana situated at a juncture of two interstate highways. The city can also be accessed from the south via Montana Highway 2 (Old U.S. Route 10).

How big is Butte Montana in square miles?

Butte, Montana 1 Total 716.34 sq mi (1,855.32 km 2) 2 Land 715.76 sq mi (1,853.80 km 2) 3 Total 33,525 4 Estimate (2019) 34,207 5 Density 47.79/sq mi (18.45/km 2) Time zone UTC−7 ( MST) 6 Summer ( DST)

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