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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mail transport equipment ordering system (mteor)?

The Mail Transport Equipment Ordering System (MTEOR) is a fast, reliable, and convenient place to order mail transport equipment (MTE) online. The following document is designed to help you to understand the order detail page and associated information. This document provides information on MTEORs Place Order procedure.

What is the mail transport equipment service center?

The Mail Transport Equipment Service Center (MTESC) is an integrated network of 23 facilities that manage the MTE inventory, oversee repairs, store MTE, and distribute to internal and external customers. MTESC processes over 230,000 orders annually, serving 1,800 postal facilities and large-volume mailers.

Why is USPS encouraging employees to report MTE?

USPS is encouraging employees to report MTE that is not in the postal network. Employees play an important role in the effort to keep suf­ficient quantities of MTE in circulation so that adequate supplies are available to transport mail. When this equip­ment is not circulating, USPS must purchase additional quantities to meet customer demand.

What is mteor for local mailers?

MTEOR (Mail Transport Equipment Ordering system) for Local Mailers allows select Mailers to manage MTE requests from a Postal plant online through MTEOR. This document outlines the benefits fo this online application including easily requesting MTE online, real-time insight into the status of requests, and around the clock access.

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