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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parameters of mtext?

at, to indicate where to draw the text based on the corresponding axis. Other graphical parameters related to texts such as col, cex, family and font. mtext does not support rotation, only horizontal adjustment with las = 1 for the vertical axis and vertical adjustment with las = 3 for the X-axis.

How to label observations using mtext function?

If you have a grouping variable you can pass it to the labels argument of the text function to label the observations. You can set the position specifying the variables and fine-tuning them. The mtext function can be used to add text to all sides of a plot, which can be specified using the side argument.

What is the difference between mtexted and oldeditor?

If you set MTEXTED to internal or to null (.), the In-Place Text Editor is displayed. If you set MTEXTED to "OldEditor", the Multiline Text Editor is displayed. If you specify a path and the name of the executable file for another text editor or word processor, that path and file name instead are displayed instead.

How do I use tab stops in the mtext editor?

We can even use a tab stop style that allows all the numbers to be right-justified. To insert and set up different tab stops while in the MText Editor, simply click repeatedly on the tab-style box until you get the desired tab stop style, and then click on the ruler bar where you want the tab style to be located.

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