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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mulino's located?

Mulino’s is conveniently located on the second floor of the completely restored Baystate Hotel. Mulino’s serves up robust portions of Homestyle Italian Cooking in a warm atmosphere with attentive service.

Why Ilil Mulino New York?

Il Mulino New York stays true to the Abruzzese heritage of farm-fresh meat, fish, and vegetables, served with the highest level of personal attention to guests from around the world.

Does Il Mulino New York have a dress code?

Treat yourself and loved ones to highlights from the Il Mulino New York menu and revel in the innovative dishes that have made Trattoria Il Mulino a top destination in casual-chic dining. Guests are asked to adhere to the minimum dress code requirements at this Signature Dining experience.

Why choose Il Mulino Prime?

The organic Tomato Basil sauce celebrates impeccable ingredients and sustainable practices that nurture the land. Il Mulino Prime is a steakhouse experience like no other! A blend of classic Italian artistry and impeccable service makes this a prime destination for your culinary delights.

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