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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Fureys albums are there?

The Fureys 1 Wind of Change, Shanachie, 1992 2 Claddagh Road, 1994 3 May We All Someday Meet Again, 1996 4 Twenty One Years On, 1999 5 The Essential Fureys, 2001 6 The Fureys Sing Chaplin, 2001 7 My Father's House, 2003 8 I Will Love You, 2003 9 25th Anniversary Collection, 2003 10 My Father's House, 2005 More items...

Who are the Furey Brothers?

Two of the band's singles have been number one hits in Ireland, and two of their albums charted in the United Kingdom. In collaborations with Davey Arthur, they have also been credited as The Fureys and Davey Arthur . Prior to the band's formation, two of the brothers toured as a duo, known simply by their names as Eddie and Finbar Furey. [2]

Where can I buy the Fureys 40 years on?

We released our new CD ‘The Fureys 40 Years on……to be continued’ on January 5th 2018. It is available at all our shows and from the ‘shop’ page of our website. There is a 20 page song word booklet included. The track listing is: 1. DAYS GONNA COME 2. SEASONS IN THE SUN 3. DARLING 4. THE FAMILY TREE 5. STREETS OF LONDON 6. IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND

What is the most successful song by the Fureys?

In 1981, The Fureys released their most successful single " When You Were Sweet Sixteen ", becoming a worldwide hit, reaching No. 14 on the UK Singles Chart, No. 1 on the Irish Singles Chart and No. 9 on the Australian Singles Chart. ". The Green Fields of France " also gave them an Irish No.

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