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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a family tree chart on MyHeritage?

Here’s how to make a family tree chart or book on MyHeritage. 1. Select a family tree format Hover over the “Family Tree” tab on the navigation bar and click “More.” Select “Print charts & books” from the extended menu.

What radio station is the heritage chart on?

Kennet Radio Koast Radio 106.6FM Marlow FM Radio Wales ONE Regency Radio Brighton Secklow Sound 105.5 Sound of Spitfire Radio V2 Radio WSDI FM Chicago Yorkshire FM Meet the Man Behind the Heritage Chart Radio DJ, writer, television presenter Mike Read. hosting the Heritage Chart show playing songs by great heritage artists.

How do I print a MyHeritage chart?

When you’re done creating the chart, you can order a poster from MyHeritage by clicking “Print” and then “Print poster,” or print your chart at home by selecting “Print to home printer.” You can also save the chart as a PDF or JPEG file on your computer by clicking “Save.”

How much does it cost to create a MyHeritage chart?

Each chart can be created and printed at home for free (or as a PDF) or ordered through the MyHeritage printing service at a cost.

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