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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the MyHeritage app?

Capture and share family photos and memories right from your mobile device. Invite family members to contribute to your family tree. Update your tree on-the-go at family reunions. With the MyHeritage App, you'll never miss an exciting discovery.

What is your review of MyHeritage?

The MyHeritage program is amazing! I can NOT believe how super simple it is to research and create a family tree with very little information in hand. This is simply above and beyond anything else I've seen on the web!

How does the MyHeritage photo enhancer work?

The MyHeritage Photo Enhancer uses deep learning technology to enhance photos by upscaling (increasing the resolution) the faces that appear in them. This produces exceptional results for historical photos, where the faces are often small and blurry, but works equally well on new color photos too

How do I start a family tree on MyHeritage?

Start your family tree by entering a few names, and MyHeritage will do the rest. Our matching technologies will automatically find new information for you in our diverse collection of 81 million family trees built by users all over the world, and in our huge database of 13.3 billion historical records.

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