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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MyHeritage cost?

It is a way to help your family with funding their memberships for MyHeritage, without actually having to get out your credit card and purchase the entire membership cost for them. A basic membership to MyHeritage is free. Their Premium membership costs $6.25 per month, (and you will be billed annually for it).

How much is MyHeritage?

How Much Does All of This Cost? The list price for MyHeritage DNA's autosomal DNA test is $99, which includes the kit and the cost of processing at the lab. Shipping and handling costs about $10, which covers the kit being mailed to you and a pre-paid mailing label to send it to the lab.

Is Family Tree Builder free?

Unlike other family tree builders you need to pay a monthly membership for, our family tree builder is 100% free. You can add as many or as few generations as you want.

What is Family Tree Builder?

Family Tree Builder is a comprehensive genealogy application that enables you to build a complete family tree from scratch, featuring every single member of your family since the beginning of humankind – that is, if you can find records that date back that far!

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