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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore a photo that I already have on MyHeritage?

If you already have a MyHeritage account, and have built a family tree, you may have many family photos already on MyHeritage. You can easily restore any color photo that you already have on MyHeritage. To do so, first select “My Photos” from the Family Tree tab to access your photos.

What is color restoration on MyHeritage?

With color restoration on MyHeritage, even the most worn out color photos can come back to life, with exceptional results.

What is MyHeritage and how does it work?

MyHeritage is a platform that allows you to build your family tree. It launched two features including MyHeritage Photo Enhancer and MyHeritage In Color, helping you to restore old damaged photos using deep learning. MyHeritage lets you restore 10 photos for free.

What is mymyheritage photo enhancer?

MyHeritage Photo Enhancer is an AI photo restoration software for exploring family history. It is home to some of the best tools and techniques for colorizing and enhancing historical photos. The tool takes you on a meaningful discovery journey to discover your family history, ethnicity, and race.

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