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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mymeet MyHeritage?

Meet MyHeritage, a Genealogy company that has tapped on AI to broaden its services. People now can upload a still photo, and leave out the work for MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia, a service powered by D-ID to animate the face intelligently.

How to animate photos from MyHeritage?

If you have been using MyHeritage family tree service, and already have photos uploaded to the site, you can choose those photos to animate. The process is automatic. When it's done, you can download the video..

What's new at MyHeritage?

More Videos ... Online genelogy company MyHeritage unveils a new tool called Deep Nostalgia that uses artificial intelligence to give old photos life-like movement. Spotting wildfires is hard.

How do I upload a photo to MyHeritage?

Click the Upload photo button. Make sure the photo is at least 300x300pixels. If your source photo is too small, you can use online photo editing tools to upscale the photo. We have tested to upload dog and cat photos to the site, and find out they are not supported. MyHeritage will alert you that it failed to find faces in the photo. Step 3.

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