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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mymyheritage offer?

MyHeritage offers the Record Detective tools to help you connect a record to the right place in your family tree. Another functionality is Instant Discovery, a technology that automatically applies family history to a tree in just one click.

Is MyHeritage worth the cost?

It's clear and easy to use making it a better point of interaction than the website itself in some ways. Is MyHeritage worth the cost? Costing is only available on an annual basis or via subscription and it's not cheap.

Does MyHeritage Notify me of the cost of my subscription?

I must clarify that MyHeritage informs all of any charge and its price on the automatic e-mail that is sent out after you enroll in a subscription and after every renewal or purchase of a DNA kit.

What is MyHeritage DNA and how does it work?

MyHeritage DNA combines its family history records with genetic testing to construct family trees. Read more in our MyHeritage review! MyHeritage is a genetic testing company that focuses on family history and relative matching. Its base price is competitive but some of it’s major features require a yearly subscription.

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