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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I review MyHeritage’s subscription packages?

While no sites allow users to review MyHeritage’s subscription packages, you can find a number of impactful user reviews on the MyHeritage Blog.

Is MyHeritage worth the cost?

The service also allows you to greatly expand your family tree within the family tree builder, even to an unlimited size with the most expensive package. Given that MyHeritage has created the world’s largest family tree of over 13 million people, this is a considerable resource for the price. MyHeritage takes all major credit cards.

Is MyHeritage a fake website?

Perpetrators whose identity is unknown set up a fake website called (same as MyHeritage, but with the letter Q instead of the letter G). They started setting up this fake website yesterday, July 20, 2020 according to whois information, which is the date on which this domain was created and registered.

What information does mymyheritage provide?

MyHeritage provides you with two types of findings when testing your DNA: an ethnicity estimate and DNA matches. Ethnicity estimate is a detailed analysis of your unique DNA composition.

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