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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mytoro app?

View the Video Now and take charge of your yard by managing all of your Toro® residential equipment with one easy tool: the all-new MyToro app. MyToro puts you in control so you know what to do and when to do it to keep your Toro residential equipment running its best.

How much does mymytoro cost?

MyToro is FREE for all Toro customers! The PUC Stops Here. To maximize your MyToro experience, you can add functionality with the Toro PUC ® (Portable Usage Calculator).

How does mymytoro work?

MyToro connects you instantly with information for your exact model – no searching required. You can also keep a maintenance log and track hours of operation. Don’t know how to change the oil or what filter you need?

What is mytoro and PUC?

The wireless PUC hour meter automatically tracks your Toro's usage and sends data directly to your smartphone to remind you when service is due on common items like blades, belts and engine oil. Make yardcare easy. Make maintenance automatic. And make your lawn the best on the block, with MyToro and the PUC.

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