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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Touro program?

Look up dates and calendar information. Bookmark and download important documents and forms. Find a nearby library or lab, contact a Touro administrator, or find out more about programs and opportunities elsewhere in the Touro-sphere. Ready to apply and looking for an admissions application? Look for it on the specific school's website.

Where can I find dottouro?

Touro is everywhere: in New York, across the country, around the world.

Why study at Touro University worldwide?

You can trust that your education from Touro University Worldwide. Learn More You can earn your degree anywhere. From your house to the coffee shop, a park on a nice day to your office before or after hours, you have the freedom to learn wherever you are. At no time does Touro University Worldwide require on-site residency.

How do I download the mytoro app?

Through the convenience of your smartphone, the app serves up essential product resources, including: Download the MyToro app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The App is compatible with Apple devices (iOS 9.0 and above) and Android devices (5.0 and above) using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

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