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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nacogdoches located?

Nacogdoches Texas. The City of Nacogdoches is located about 60 miles southeast of Tyler on U. S. Highway 59, and 140 miles north of Houston. State Loop 224 circles the east side of the city. The population of Nacogdoches is near 35,000 residents.

Is Nacogdoches, Texas a dry county?

Not all of Nacogdoches County is wet -- only Precinct 1, but not the precinct we know today. When county officials need to check for wet-dry boundaries, they pull out a yellowed map dating back to 1971. These are the precinct lines that need to be followed to this very day.

What is Nacogdoches known for?

Nacogdoches History. In 1832, a group of Nacogdoches citizens, led by Adolphus Sterne, attacked the town's Mexican garrison and successfully drove the Mexican troops out of East Texas. The encounter, known as the Battle of Nacogdoches, cleared the way for the Texas fight for independence.

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