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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Nacol products?

(NACOL) Products such as "Bladder Type Accumulators", "Piston Type Accumulators", "Safety Valves", and "Stop Valves" Introduction of the NIPPON ACCUMULATOR CO., LTD.

What is a Nacol accumulator?

NACOL Accumulators are comprehensibly explained (in Flash system) from 4 phases such as "Quality", "Safety", "High Performance", and "Environment Protection". NACOL accumulators are used in many fields including Flight Simulators and Wind Turbine Generation.

What is the difference between Nacol® ethers and H3C ethers?

NACOL® Ethers are prepared in a catalyzed dehydration process using NACOL® alcohols as starting material. The ethers are purified in a further distillation step and are free of catalyst traces. H3C NACOL® Ethers are available with chain lengths between C12 and C36. (CH2)n(CH2)n

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